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Ryan Duncan



I have been making music from the age of 16 and everything I have learned has been self taught through dedication, commitment and long hours. 

Like many I used to watch youtube videos and other producers and read magazines religiously to master my craft. It took 9 years, trying to get that sound, trying to figure out how to get the perfect kick drum, how to properly lay down a track, how to create music that I was happy with and how not to get lost and loose my creativity, drive and productivity. 

I recognise the issues that producers face and I want to help. My mission is to help you realise and manifest your musical vision into reality and help you transform!

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What's it All About?

There are two ways you can reach a standard where you can sign tracks to labels and hit the industry mark: be lucky enough to have someone sit down and teach you or, spend hour after hour in the studio watching YouTube tutorials and doing it yourself. Both require a lot of money and or time, and these are two commodities that are finite for most of us. 

I want to show you another way, something that is the bridge between the two which is far more comprehensive and takes a fraction of the time.


Ryan is committed to his craft and enjoys mentoring and inspiring others to learn how to create the music that moves them! Great coach! Thanks Ryan!
— Aldo Solares
i always wanted to know how to create a beat for my performances, Ryan is the man to go to!
— Johannes Thumser
There are many pitfalls to fall into when trying to create a great techno track. Ryan will show you how to avoid all of them, and make your track absolutely killer so the crowd can’t get enough.
— Anton Vesty