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There are only a few ways of getting to a high level in producing

  1. Be lucky enough to have someone sit down and teach you

  2. Spend hours in the studio watching YouTube tutorials and doing it yourself

  3. Spend a lot of $$ on overpriced courses that dont offer much or go in to depth

All of which require a lot of money and or time, two commodities that are finite for most of us.  


You don’t need to struggle on your own watching endless YouTube videos but still getting no closer to where you want to be✓

No more lack of creativity, drive and productivity that renders you unable to finish music! ✓

Stuctured modules that alow you to work at your own pace, mastering each section in your own time ✓

This master class will teach you the skills and techniques that will allow you to write, produce and finish more songs from start to finish ✓


I can help you using the step by step systems I have developed over years of teaching people how to make music, the right way.

What’s Included?

Module Series

With over 10 hourse and lifetime access to a series of in depth lessons, this module series is always growing and being updated to bring you the very best tips, tricks, techniques and methods, making sure the content is relevant and on point when it comes to teaching you what you need to know and learn to help you grow as a producer.


What to Expect

I8S (9).png

What Can You Expect?

☑ Complete Transformation of Your Music Production Skills

☑ Consistently Finish More Music

☑ Experience Limitless Inspiration

☑ More Opportunities

☑ Bright Future and Career


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Techno Masterclass
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This course offers a complete, comprehensive understanding of Techno Music Production from the bottom up, detailing key aspects of music production in a fun, easy to understand way..

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What people say

Did some sessions with Ryan to spark my creativity. Not only did he make me creative, but he also showed me how to finish my ideas by performing them, instead of plotting everything in with a mouse. This really put the fun back into music production. Really recommend innov8sound.
— Tom Richard Hermansen
Discovering Innov8sound was the final piece of my puzzle, I always struggled with finishing songs or hitting a wall and getting frustrated with my work as it wasn’t sounding the way I wanted it to. But after a few one-to-one sessions with Ryan, he showed me little tips and tricks that completely transformed my thought process and the way I approach a track. Very quickly, I was able to implement Ryan’s techniques and soon my productions were sounding fuller and thicker and most importantly I was able to finish tracks.
— Michael Notarangelo
Taking this course has been beyond helpful and has enhanced my skills and creativeness as a producer! The communication between myself and Ryan has been amazing and very smooth and he made learning this craft fun!
I’m able to write tracks much quickly now, getting ideas down very fast AND finishing off tracks, which was a struggle for me in the past.
Overall, I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to brush up on your production skills and even take it to the next level, on a professional level.
— Dean Zlato
Even though I came into the masterclass with musical experience, I was still able to learn an invaluable amount from Ryan’s mentoring, I am very satisfied with the course and would recommend it to any novice or experienced electronic musician.