NEW: Stomp (Ableton Project Template)

TITAN (1).png
TITAN (1).png

NEW: Stomp (Ableton Project Template)

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Driving bumping track…

I have built this project so that you can see what a professional project looks like. This is one of my projects which I am giving to you to help you direct your efforts to better productions.

  • Deconstruct this project/ template to see visually how to build your own tracks in a similar style

  • Remix and make the track your own (put your own style and flavour on it)


Description & Specifications 

Software, DAW:

Ableton Live 10.0.3 Standard or higher

VST plugin:

Izotope 8

Waves V9

Samples, Presets:

All used samples and presets are part of the project file as well.